Priapus Shot (P-Shot)

As men age, a certain amount of physical change cannot be avoided. It might take longer to achieve an erection, or your erections might not be as firm or as large as they used to be. Maybe you are unable to maintain an erection.

Other than aging, there are many factors that might contribute to some of these symptoms, including job stress and the demands of everyday life, which can affect your sexual desire and ability to enjoy your love life.

Oral medications (the little blue pill) are no longer a man’s only option. Due to advances in modern medicine, there are now natural and safe alternatives you can use to reignite your passion and ability, so you can have the best sex you’ve ever had, regardless of your age or lifestyle!

After thousands of Priapus Shot® procedures performed across the U.S., men are reporting the following benefits of just one P-shot:

    • Natural penis enlargement.
    • Increased circulation and blood flow to the penis for a generally healthier organ.
    • Increased sensation and pleasure.
    • Strengthened and straighter penis.
    • Healthier, more youthful skin.
    • Formation of new blood vessels and new tissue growth.
    • Better quality erections.
    • Enhanced vascularity and healthier erectile function.
    • Helps improve any damage resulting from diabetes.

Scientifically based studies show increase of vascular endothelial cells in the corpus cavernosum (head) of the penis.

What are the Benefits of the P-shot?

The P-shot is a natural alternative to male enhancement pills or male enhancement gimmicks. No foreign materials are used in the injection. It’s scientifically safe. There’s minimal discomfort (virtually painless) and no surgery, no risky anesthesia, no downtime, and no allergic reactions.

Patients do not experience lumpiness because the PRP is fluid, not hard or solid. It potentiates the effect of other erectile medications especially in cases where effects of these medications are dwindling. It is helpful to men after prostate surgery, even after prostatectomy.

There is minimal, if any, bruising or redness. The procedure takes 20 minutes or less.

Results may last 18 months or longer.

The P-shot® (Priapus Shot®) procedure was invented by Dr. Charles Runels. Only physicians who have been certified by the inventor may perform this procedure. Diane Hattel has received personal one-on-one training and certification by Dr. Runels and is one of the only providers in Cheyenne, Wyoming certified to perform the Priapus Shot® for men.

Look and feel confident in yourself.

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